The English Teachers rocked the house introducing our second “Reading and Writing Project”!


What I loved about having our English team lead the second round of our “Reading and Writing Project” is that they were prepared to help the entire village engage in this work.  Presenting their reading and writing lessons to an entire staff (P.E teachers, science teachers, history teachers, math teacher, and elective teachers) can be a daunting task.  But, not for my English team!  They came prepared.  They had their lesson plans clearly written (See posting on October 7th).  They had examples of annotation and text dependent questions prepared. They were open to questions about the process and welcoming to comments asked and given by their colleagues.  Our English Teachers  truly were coaches during our collaboration and everyone left our meeting ready to take this work on. That is what the CCSS is really about! Teams working together to help every student learn how to read complex text independently.


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