Reading and Writing Project: Day 2

Reading and Writing Project: Day 2 

After our first day of the “Reading and Writing Project”, we filmed our students talking about what they learned after reading the  article about self-regulation.  Click on the link below to see their responses.

What I noticed as I was in classes on day 2 observing students reading, collaboration, and writing:

  1. Students were reading and discussing the topic with their classmates with ease.
  2. Students did not struggle to read the text on the first day, even though it was above the middle school reading level, which goes to prove that attacking short length complex text provides for success in this much-needed area.
  3. Students were able to refer to our stated learning intentions and success criteria that we stated on the broadcast.
  4. Students got the gist of the topic and what it might begin to mean for them and could explain it to others.
  5. Discussion of the topic was still at the surface level but definitely started the beginning knowledge building for the next phases of this learning.

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