Reading and Writing Project: Day 3

Today we embarked on day three of our “Reading and Writing Project”.  We began our lesson by reviewing how we are constructing learning together around the topic of  becoming a self-regulated learner and shared a few of the students examples of how they created the thinking from the chart into their own words.  See the video noted below to hear what they had to say about their interpretation of this work.

What I noticed when I was in classrooms today.

  1. Students were reviewing their notes from the past two days of reading and writing work.
  2. Students were using the given graphic organizers to create their notes for their essay paragraph.
  3. Students were creating and writing their essay paragraphs on their own (as we requested for teachers not to scaffold the writing or give whole group writing instructions).
  4. Students were eager to share their writing with me today when I went into their ACE classrooms and the students wanted to be the exemplars shared on the broadcast for the next video.
  5. Students were writing essay paragraphs that were on topic.

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