Reading and Writing Project: Day 1

Reading and Writing Project: Day 1

Learning Intention:

  •  I will read and respond to complex text

Success Criteria:

  • I can use close reading strategies to cite evidence
  • I can organize thoughts to write clearly and accurately
  • I can analyze multiple text to build knowledge
  • I can write a complete paragraph in one sitting
  • I can reflect on my work to identify my learning and next steps

Visible Learning For Teachers book







Video link of the presentation that was conducted for the first day of our Reading and Writing Project:

Today we are beginning our first “Reading and Writing Project.  I have included the student packets and teacher directions for facilitating the lessons noted below.

As a collaborative team, we decided that we wanted our learning to be visible and that we wanted our students to live and breath what we are reading and learning about too. We are studying the research of John Hattie and working to create self-regulated learners, we decided this did not have to be done in secret.  The students needed to understand this research  and take on the work of becoming a self-regulated learner themselves.

So, this year, our “Reading and Writing Project” will focus on what it takes to be a self-regulated learner and each lesson will share examples of ways to build these skills and characteristics or highlight people and/or experiences that have modeled these characteristics.

We will begin our lesson with a short movie about John Hattie’s research and what it means to be a self-regulated learner.

Reading and Writing Project: Lesson One Materials

Student Packet

Teacher Directions for R & W Project

Day 3 Student Writing Assignment (1)


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